ShowBox Add-On for Kodi

If you like YouTube, then for sure you’ll love to use YouTube video players. Though, there are not enough Video downloaders available, but the one we know are amazing to use and useful for entertainment.showbox for kodi

ShowBox HD is a video downloader that allows its users to download and watch movies for free without any internet connection. It aim is to entertain people in their free or leisure time. So, no matter if you are rolling in bed, traveling to a destination or sitting with your friends, ShowBox HD will entertain with the latest movies and videos available with them.

ShowBox HD was launched after from cydia movieBox HD app. While all the video downloader applications work almost the same way, ShowBox HD provides you with unlimited features to follow. Let’s pin down all the powerful features of ShowBox HD :-

  • Download unlimited movies and videos for free.
  • Kids lock allow users to determine what their child should watch through the application
  • Choose different resolution for watching a movie.
  • Watch videos in more than 14 languages like English, Hindi, German, Spanish, Latin, French and many more.
  • Video is directly converted to Audio without any external converter.
  • In build web browser combs through various websites to get the best inks to watch the movies and videos in one go.
  • Share your favorite video links with friends and family over a variety of social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and many more.
  • Works on devices like Mobile phone, PC, Tablets.

What is Kodi?Kodi

Kodi originally called XBMC ( XBox media centre) eventually evolved as Kodi after leaving behind all the restrictions and limitations. It is the best home entertainment system available for free. Users can watch movies, videos, pictures and even listen to songs at any point of time they want to.

It is basically available for Windows PC and television but now fortunately users can also download it on their smartphones and Apple desktops. Though, it is quite difficult to download Kodi on Apple PC’s, interested users can  always try!

ShowBox HD Add on for Kodi

It is very simple and easy to create an Add – on for ShowBox HD. Let’s follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Open Kodi and select system > settings.

Step 2 – Select Add – ons

Step 3 – Choose Install from Zip file.

Step 4 – Navigate where you downloaded the Zip file in the first step and select ShowBox – Addon. Zip

Step 5 – Wait for Add – on notification to flash on the screen.

Step 6 – Once the Add on is enabled, it can be accessed by Videos > Add – ons

Step 7 – Choose ShowBox HD from the home screen

Step 8 – Now you are ready to use ShowBox HD on Kodi for entertainment.


Kodi not only allows you to watch pictures and videos on the software, it also allows you to play games on the big screen. Though, it is especially designed for Television and PC’s, users can download it on their smartphones. It will enable them to control Kodi software via their mobile phones. You all should try it once to get an amazing experience! Or you can also download showbox Apk on your device.

How To Download and install the SnapTube app


If you love watching movies, documentaries, funny clips, animation or any other genre or category of video, then you are in for a treat. The SnapTube app is an app that grants users access to a database with a virtually unlimited range of video content. Once you download and install the app on your Smartphone or other smart device, you will have access to all the videos you can watch. There is no limit to the variety of video content that you can download, from the latest full length movies to the most hilarious funny clips. The steps that you would use to download the SnapTube app and install it on your Smartphone are described below.

#1. Go To The Official App Site

The SnapTube app is an app is made by third party developers. What this means is that the app has not yet been released to mainstream app stores such Google Play and Apple Store. This does not mean that the app is in any way inferior to similar apps available in the app stores such as the CinemaBox app. Ultimately, the app will be available in the mainstream app stores.

To download the SnapTube app you will have to go to the official SnapTube website using a native browser on your device. Since the SnapTube has variant for all major operating systems, you will have to identify the appropriate download links for your device. The download links are suitably named i.e. SnapTube for android, SnapTube for iOS, SnapTube for Windows OS and so on.

#2. Download the Installation File

Once you have identified the download link corresponding to the operating system running on your device, press on the link to initiate the download. Confirmation of the commencement of the download will follow. You will be prompted select the destination of the SnapTube installation file on your device. The default download path should be ideal and once you authorize the download, transmission of the files to your device will begin. The file is less than 18Mb and should not take more than a minute to download the entire SnapTube Installation file.

#3. Alter the Security Settings on Your Device

Before you can begin the installation of the SnapTube app, you will have to alter your device’s security settings. This is because your operating system will recognize the origin of SnapTube app installation file as a third party source. Hence to enable installation you will have to tick the ‘allow installation from third party source’ provision in your device’s settings.

#4. Initiate Installation and Go through Permissions

Once you enable installation from a third party source, then you can initiate the installation process. You can accomplish this by pressing on the notification for the completion of the installation file download or from pressing on the downloaded installation file in your download manager. The permissions for the SnapTube app will be displayed and by repeatedly pressing the next prompt the SnapTube will be officially installed on your Smartphone or other smart device.

#5. Launch the SnapTube App

The final step is to launch the app from your device’s installation wizard or from the shortcut icon on your home screen. Your data connection must be active for you to begin using the SnapTube app to download video content.

All About Apple Facetime & using it on iPhone

image 5

FaceTime is an Apple application. It is a service to make audio and video calls.  You can also chat and share thoughts with your friends as long as they are using  Apple products which support FaceTime. FaceTime makes it easy to talk or to discuss with your friends and family. In short, Facetime helps you to explain or express your emotions. It has a new updated version of 1.0.5. Instead of using the traditional phone line, FaceTime uses your WiFi or cellular Data connection.

image 5

FaceTime is very simple and user friendly. Some steps to use FaceTime on iPhone are:

  1. Open FaceTime.
  2. Click on FaceTime icon and open the app.
  1.    Sign in with your Apple ID. You can also do the same from Settings.
  2.    To register your email address on your   phone, tap on Settings.
  3.     Go to FaceTime. Use your Apple ID and sign in.
  4.     Generally, on iPhone, FaceTime automatically registers the Phone number in use.

Facetime for PC guide

  • Make a FaceTime call.

To make a FaceTime call, the other person also has to use FaceTime along with you.

Select the contact on your phone and tap the video or audio icon.  

FaceTime also provides some amazing features such as:

  • To mute a call, hit the button that symbolises mute.
  • You can switch the angle of camera.
  • To end a call, touch the red button.
  • You have the facility to end the current call, accept the incoming call and put a call on hold.
  • You can also  switch a video call to audio  and vise versa.


I have been using FaceTime and all i can say that it  is a great app. FaceTime is a solid wireless connection to make audio or video calls. The video quality is great. The sound quality is good too. You can hear clear and natural sounds. Some people may face a problem of not seeing the person on the other side. But this situation takes place when there is a poor WiFi connection or Data connection.

iPhoto on PC: Best Android App

iphoto for pc android

Anyone who uses iOS after using Android or any other platform can’t just switch back to their previous one because one of the reasons is that they can’t miss the awesomeness of this platform that can be only found in Apple devices. They provide so much of ease in accessing the device with an easy User Interface and an attractive data storage capability. It has got its unique way in storing the data and when it comes to saving pictures, Apple has got its own way in saving them. It is named as iPhoto. This is precisely mentioned for the users for apple and here in this article, I’m going to share a guide on how to install it on the PC, ie on how to enjoy it on the large screen!

Here we go!

This iOS version of iPhoto is an amazing application that adds a cool sharing features for the pictures that can’t be available on the desktop. The photo journals that can be found online and on the web photo galleries. The main advantage of having iCloud Photo Streams in saving it is the best way to get your photos saved that can be appeared on all the apple devices. The iCloud option allows you to access them from anywhere and you just need to have the account of Apple and you can have fun from wherever you are and from whatever the device you have.

iphoto for pc android

Here comes the interface of iPhoto:

The undefined and undeniable fact is that Apple has got a beautiful interface and occasionally, it sticks to the interface design and can be clearly seen.

It is of no surprise that one of the slimmest iPhone apps has to come from the tech leading giant Apple and it is the reason why it has got too many expectations from the users and the customers that keep waiting and won’t never be disappointed. Apart from the amazing features,the iPhoto for Mac OS X has got a cool iphoto app interface features like gallery thumbnails and you can organize events with it.

How to download?

You can download it on the official platform of Amazon for a reasonable price and it has got various rates to download it on various platforms. Of course, you can do much ore with the tool as you can see there are many advantages.

iPhoto on PC: You can download it on PC:

Once you download it on your phone, you just have to connect your phone to the PC and run the application on the Computer. Once it gets installed after coming over the formalities, it is ready to use.

This is it about how to download iPhoto for PC. You can leave the queries in the comment section and the concerned team will approach you within no time.


Boom Beach for Mac – Macbook Pro Laptop & Computer


Gaming experience is always better on bigger screens. I am sure, you must know the time when we used to play on big computer boxes. But now the technology has touched new dimensions and level. We got razor thin devices with retina displays, then who need a computer to play games.


I am talking about gaming experience on the Macbook laptop and computer.

Boom Beach is an amazing game. But unfortunately, we cannot run this game directly on Macbook. Macbook does not support this app. Users always complain about this problem. Is there any way to run this app on the Macbook? Fortunately, yes we do have a solution.

This article is completely dedicated to the Boom beach installation on the Macbook. Before going to the main topic. Let’s check more about Boom Beach.

I am sure you are pretty familiar with Boom Beach, that’s why you have landed on this page. But for those who have no idea, what Boom Beach is. Here are some salient facts about the game.

Boom Beach is the great game from the developers of Clash of Clans and Hay Day. This is the third hit game in the row from the Supercell. Almost all three games have similar gameplay. The difference is of the world. As every world has different resources and objectives.

Boom Beach is a server based app. It means without internet, you will be unable to play the game. This is highly secured and organized game. So, you won’t find any hacks of cheats about the game. You have to be fair for wining resources in the gameplay.

The good news is that, Boom Beach is free to download. It will cost you more when you need to upgrade or speed up the gameplay. With diamonds and gems, you can speed up your gameplay. But you need to buy them.

So coming to the main topic, how to install Boom Beach on the Macbook.

First, you need to know, Boom Beach is an Andoid app. That’s why it can’t run directly on the Macbook. But there is one solution. Android emulator is the software that will allow you to run Boom Beach on the Macbook. Why this is possible with Android player. Well, Android emulator let you produce virtual Android environment on the Macbook. This way you can run the app on Macbook.

Follow the steps written below:

  • Go to the official website of Bluestacks.
  • Download the setup file.
  • Open up the file and complete the installation.
  • Open up Bluestacks and login with Google account credentials.
  • Search for Boom Beach.
  • Install the app and you are done!

How to Install Zapya App on your PC?


If you have landed on this page, you must be aware of Zapya. Zapya is heavenly app for file transfer. Users always complain about sow and poor performance of Bluetooth and USB cables. They have tons of bits of data in their devices which they have saved over the years. But file transfer can be tedious most of the time.


In this advanced information age, people expect high performance file transfer experience. How to achieve such great efficiency! Why not use apps for file transfer. On the market right now, several apps are available for file transfer. Zapya, Xender and Shareit App are the most popular one. We are gonna talk about Zapya in this article.

Spa is an amazing way to transfer file using WiFi technology. Now there is no headache of connecting smart phone with PC, just one app and transfer all files. Best part is that, Zpaya is supported by all devices like smart phones, tablets, PC or MAC. Other interesting facts, it can be run on all operating systems like iOS or Android. Even cross platform transfer is possible with this application. Zapya is far better in performance than Air Drop, Bluetooth and NFC. Insane speed of Zpaya is up to 10mb per second. That is a  very significant number. Along with file transfer, it allows several users to play games. It allows file transfer to several devices at the same time.

Download Zapya on PC:

There are two methods to install Zapya on PC or MAC. First one is direct download and second one using an emulator.

Here are the steps needed for direct download:

  • Download Zapya setup file from its official website.
  • Once downloaded, open up the file and download that.
  • Click on run to proceed next steps of installation.
  • Keep following the on screen instructions.
  • Click finish and you are done here!
  • Enjoy Zapya on PC!

The second method is simply too, but little different. You need an emulator to run that app. Blue Stacks is the first choice. Follow the steps to install Zapya using an emulator:

  • Download the Blue stacks from its website.
  • Once downloaded, open up the file and start the installation.
  • Follow the on screen instructions to complete the process.
  • Open up the Blue Stacks.
  • You need to login with Google account credentials in order to use Google Paly Store services.
  • Search the Zapya and install it!
  • That’s it!

3 Android Apps to Transfer Files With Wi-Fi Direct


Transferring large files between Android  devices is not that easy. As it takes a lot of time and energy. Bluetooth has served the purpose for years. But Bluetooth can first choice for sending one image or song. But when we are talking about HD movies and playlists of songs, Bluetooth is not the solution.

The answer is an Android App for data transfer. There are hundred of applications of Google Play Store specially designed for files transfer. Some are Cloud apps and some use Wi-Fi technology. Advancements have been made in those apps. As they have the capability of transferring files from Android to PC. Another unique thing, some apps allow data transfer between cross platforms.

So what the best app for file transfer! Applications that us Direct Wifi technology are the best way to transfer files between Android devices. You don’t have to scroll through every app in the Google Play Store.

Here is the list of best three Android Apps for file transfer that uses Direct Wifi technology.

WiFi Shoot:


WiFi Shoot is the Android App for file transfer. As the name suggests, it uses the medium of Wifi for sending files from one device to another. The speed of data transfer is around 2 – 3 Mbps. That speed is pretty good. In fact faster in the market for data transfer. You can send any type of data like images, songs, videos, documents, presentations and HD movies, etc. You can have these features with the basic version. But pro version of WiFi Shoot allows better performance with greater speed.


Next in the list is an Android App named as WifiShare. This app also supports Direct Wifi technology for sending the files between Android smart phones. The unique thing about WifiShare is its compatibility. Most latest apps do not support lower versions of Android. Well, this is not the case with WifiShare.

The developers have made two versions of WifiShare. One version is for devices that uses Android 2.3 and above. While the other one is for devices with Android lower than 2.3. The user interface is extremely simple. People find no difficulty while using the app. It can easily detect nearby device with wifi for sending the files.



This Android app has the fastest transfer speed. But the only problem is that it video sharing app. Well, no problem! Sending large videos is the main concern. You can Download Vidmate App to transfer and download large files from one device to another. That has been addressed greatly by HitcherNet. So you can share large videos with multiple friends using this app. And the surprise is its speed that is up to 50 Mbps.